Friday, March 23, 2012

Actinolite - Metaphysical Properties

Chakra: Heart (green), Throat (blue), Root (black)
Zodiac: Scorpio

Physical Properties: A calcium magnesium iron silicate hydroxide mineral found in metamorphic rock.  A variety of Actinolite is Nephrite Jade.  Often found associated with quartz.  Fibrous Actinolite should be handled with care and never inhaled.

Metaphysical Characteristics:  A very soothing stone.  Considered by some to be an important tool of the gem worker, this stone works on the Heart chakra to produce awareness.  An exceptional shielder.  Expands the energy bodies, which is said to connect one to the ‘Light’ or ‘All That Is’.  Encourages the spirit to explore new directions, and gives awareness if you have strayed from your original goals.  Promotes feelings of self-worth and inner strength, gets rid of negative feelings, especially those of isolation that can hinder progress.  Brings patience.  Helps the physical body to accept what has taken place.  Can effect the color vibration of other stones, enhancing their overall effectiveness.  Heals the aura, filling in gaps that can result from psychic attack, illness, stress and unwanted negativity.  Makes us more in tune with nature and all of our surroundings.  Helps one connect with spirit guides.  Known as the dream stone, assists in dream recall and analysis.  Useful stone to use for blockages and dissolve personal resistance to your spiritual path and helps adjust to changes and traumas.

Physical Characteristics: Stimulates the function of the kidneys, liver and spleen, aids the elimination of toxins. Strengthens the immune system, especially after illness or trauma.  Can restructure the cells into a positive crystallization.

BLACK: It is a protective shield which repels ones own negative thoughts.  Cleanses and protects the Root chakra.  Gently removes all that is outgrown in the psyche and opens the way for new energies to manifest.

GREEN: Cleanses and protects the Heart chakra. Same healing properties as Green Jade.

ACTINOLITE IN QUARTZ: Helpful when you have lost your way and are looking for a new direction.  It is beneficial for detoxing and metabolism.

BLUE ACTINOLITE: Cleanses, protects and heals the Throat Chakra.  Can be used for auric shielding.